Self Assessment Tools
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Self Assessment Tools

10 Points on how to network and market yourself on LinkedIn.

This will help your find your #1 “Idea Worth Doing” that you can start taking action on. It will help you stay accountable to yourself and move forward quicker.

Exponential growth can be achieved when you know your destination before you begin. This tool is great at the beginning of figuring out your next move. It will help you to very quickly know where you are, where you want to go and why.

The 7 Levels Deep Exercise can be used to help determine what really drives you to accomplish anything in life. The following is a sample for you to start with.

This tool will narrowing your focus for faster growth. This will bring to the surface the things we should be spending our time and attention on.

Sharing your wins is one of the fastest ways for The Career Collective to grow
together faster. With this tool, it is time to share with the group the things in your
life that have had the biggest positive impact in the past 90-180 days.

Contact The Careers Collective for further information or support. We are there to support you.